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Kristine Nyborg


At 8 years old her teacher read one of her stories aloud in class. It was the first time she felt clever and she has been chasing stories ever since. 


Kristine has lived between two continents since childhood. Her Norwegian roots run deep, but her adult identity lives in North America where she’s spent half her life, and she lives in perpetual longing for the opposite place of where she is. This inner conflict of belonging informs her work as she explores how identity is shaped by social subsystems. Through looking at norms, collectivities, values and roles she explores how our environments shape community and culture, always hoping to find that one story that will shine a light on the structural problems that feed into societal alienations.


Her work is rooted in the documentary tradition and is influenced by her academic background in journalism and ethnography. She prefers facts over fiction in all things. 

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