About 44.4

In 2014, Georgia O’Keeffe’s Jimson Weed/Flower No. 1 sold at auction for $44.4 million dollars, setting the record for the highest price paid for work by a female artist. This sales record is three times the amount of the previous record, and hasn’t been superseded in the five years since it was set.


44.4 is our number. It splits, divides, shares, carries and builds.

For practicing Mothers/Artists the balance is delicate. How can we be both mothers and artists? Our energy is siphoned, often spoken for and difficult to keep in our grasp. Mothers/Artists are piecing together time, space, resources, and the cognitive labour to create. How do we simultaneously grow our artistic practices alongside our children in a way that results in our contributions being valued in our community? These are our questions; this is our conversation.

44.4 is a group of mother artists, but we do not represent all mother artists. Motherhood is a broad, and not always inclusive term, and we want to question the term itself as much as we probe its relationship to art production. We recognize that both parenting and identifying as female are charged acts, and that people’s lived experiences include an enormous diversity of views, privileges and opportunities. Our goal is to start a new conversation, and we welcome all thoughtful reactions and contributions. 

Want to be part of the conversation? Please contact us at fortyfourpointfour@gmail.com

Active 44.4 Members:

Thank you to Elizabeth Raymer Griffin,  Co-founder, Photographer.