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Jennifer Cherniack


Jennifer Cherniack is an artist and arts administrator living in Ottawa.

She makes art about language -- the common, and not so common ways in which we communicate information -- with a particular interest in television, the internet, and humour. She uses a variety of media in her work, drawing from television, advertising, educational materials, online and printed matter, and just about any other tools used to convey information.

Cherniack has spent much of her professional life working for not-for-profit art organizations, as a curator, educator, exhibitions coordinator, grant writer, and now, at the Canada Council for the Arts as a Program Officer in the Prizes department.

She holds a BFA (Western University, 2003) and an MFA (Concordia University 2013) and has lived in numerous cities including Winnipeg, Toronto, London (ON), Venice, Montreal, Syracuse, and now Ottawa. Cherniack has exhibited in a variety of venues; from artist-run centres, to a train car in Northern Canada, to the NY Art Book Fair.

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